The Keyword Hierarchy – SEO

You can achieve your goals of being found across multiple, completely different keywords and phrases but you need to build content around each keyword or phrase to avoid spamming search engines.

Using a Product Catalogue example I will show you how it can be done.

The diagram below is a mockup of a fictional sitemap for a website that includes a product catalogue. (This same principle applies to websites with directories or other structures whereby there are categories and sub-pages within a category.)
If I was to optimise this website, I would apply the following keyword hierarchy principles:

  1. Use generic INDUSTRY PHRASES for the home page, testimonials, about us and other commonly incorporated generic website pages. 

  2. Use generic PRODUCT PHRASES for product category landing pages. 

  3. Use specific BRAND and PRODUCT PHRASES for individual product pages (or sub- 
pages within a category). 

    1. How would this look?
      If it was a safety shop, for example, it would look something like this (note the keywords in green):
      You can start to see from the above mock-up how the website is starting to broaden its spread of keywords.
      From my home page, I am concentrating on generic industry keywords, but as you drill down into my website, there is a greater spread of keywords, enabling me to be found against a greater number of search queries.
      Furthermore, in this example I have been able to incorporate both brand and specific product information – without spamming search engines.
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      Internet Strategy: The Keyword Hierarchy SEO
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      Internet Strategy: The Keyword Hierarchy SEO
      You can achieve your SEO goals of being found across multiple, completely different keywords and phrases using this hierarchy.
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