it! 9 Secrets of the Rich and Famous That Will Take You to The Top

it!I just love this little book.

I bought it completely by accident, stumbling across it unexpectedly, picking it up because of its eye-catching title and, curious to know more, handing over my money.

No-one I knew had read it, I hadn’t read any reviews, but it is one of those random purchases we all make that really turned out well.

On top of that, its author, Paula Froelich, does spill the beans on some familiar names, including Donald Trump, Matthew McConaughey and Kathy Hilton, to name names.

More than anything, this little gem is a book about attitude – and how household names have followed the “rules” to gain wealth and status.


“A reporter for the New York Post’s ‘Page Six’ column and regular correspondent on Entertainment Tonight, Paula Froelich has a true insider’s knowledge of what it takes to be a major or even minor celebrity.

Now she uses her experience as an arbiter of the club of bold-faced names to advise the rest of us on what it takes to attain stardom in any field.

With her trademark brash honesty and reporting skills, Froelich cracks the secrets of top publicists, fashion designers, moguls, entertainers, and other gurus to show us the way to get noticed.”


RULE 1: Find whatever you are good at and do it.

RULE 2: Don’t try to fake a talent you really don’t have.

RULE 3: Don’t know what you’re good at? Ask someone to help you figure it out.

RULE 4: Learn to enjoy the spotlight; be the star of your own stage.

RULE 5: Educate yourself. Knowledge is power.

RULE 6: Formulate a flexible plan of attack and stick to it.

RULE 7: If you want it enough, you can get it. But don’t sell yourself short.

RULE 8: Never be mean to waiters. What goes around, comes around.

RULE 9: People are going to hate you, so have a hide like a rhino – and above all, don’t give them a reason to bring you down.

Go on. You know you want to…
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