Intro to Business Planning

For around 20 years, I’ve been working with various organisations developing strategies that span most aspects of general business and marketing. And I’m proud to say that I’ve had many more successes than failures. Why? I think it’s because I follow a set of principles that I apply to how I think and so far (touch wood) it’s worked out well. Before we start learning about how to write a business plan, I thought I would share what drives me. Maybe amongst it, there will be some philosophies you can relate to – and those will help drive you too.

12 Philosophies To Think About:

  1. Trust your gut. Listen to the little voice in your head since in most cases it doesn’t lie. Your instincts are a powerful force to help you grow your business. If it doesn’t feel right, go with your instinct.
  2. Keep learning. Every day reminds us that there is always much more to know. Whether you stand still or move forward is a choice you make.
  3. Work hard and genuinely feel passionate about what you do unless you won’t survive the tougher times.
  4. Don’t copy. If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you have to be different, not the same.
  5. Think things through (including the worst-case scenario) not just strategically, but temper your thinking with a healthy dose of plain old common sense too. (Even though he’s dead.)
  6. The simpler the idea, the more powerful it becomes. Businesses love to over-complicate and generally speaking it isn’t necessary. In most instances, get the basics right and you’re halfway there.
  7. Avoid motherhood statements. The mission and vision are so 1980s. Move on. Nobody believes them.
  8. Know your stuff and don’t pretend to know about things that you don’t.
  9. Never ever stand still. Innovate or die. It’s as simple as that. The competitive benchmark is always moving and the only way to keep pace is through innovation. There is no time for complacency or resting on your laurels.
  10. Don’t be afraid to fail. What is failure? An opportunity to learn more, that’s all.
  11. Genuinely work to see your team grow professionally and personally as a consequence of working with you. A team will accomplish much more than one individual.
  12. Donald Trump says it better than me: “If you’re going to think anyway, you might as well think BIG.” I love it. Do it. Just know it might take incremental steps to get there.


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