How to Create a Price Driven Business

You may create a price-driven business because you have found a market opportunity or you have the business model to support it. It is especially opportunistic if competitors are not price-driven and your market is maturing (in other words, customers are better educated about the products and they are either aware that there are choices […]

The Low Cost Leader

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap, said Dolly Parton. Like others in the Low Cost Leadership category, Dolly Parton is big business. The Cost Leader strategy is the domain of big business. Small firms are not normally resourced to achieve cost leadership (which requires scale). The strategy was most prominently promoted […]

The Niche Marketer

The Niche Marketer competes for a market segment or geographic region that the market leader does not consider to be important. Because it is not critical, the market leader will be less concerned so is less likely to respond to competitive activity. A niche marketing strategy is also called a flank attack.   THE NICHE […]

How Challenger Brands Attack – Part 2

In Part 1, How Challenger Brands Attack, I covered what constitutes a challenger brand and the advantages that a Challenger Brand has over its market leader rival. In Part 2, let’s look at some of the strategies at the Challenger Brand’s disposal, how they can increase their odds of success, and when they should strike […]

What Market Leaders Do – Part 3

In Part 3, What Market Leaders Do, we’re going to finish our discussion about what market leaders do. In the final part, we will look at some tactical moves a market leader can make as well as learning when a market leader needs to make its move. Before we move further, though, we’re going to […]

What Market Leaders Do – Part 2

In Part 1, What Market Leaders Do, we looked at why market leadership is important. In Part 2, we get more specific about exactly what a business has to do to protect its market leadership position.   A market leader always plays defence. Only the market leader plays defense, and the best defense is always […]

What Market Leaders Do – Part 1

If you are the market leader, everyone else wants your market share so everyone else becomes your enemy. Your job is to ruthlessly defend your territory. That’s pretty much it, in a nutshell. If your enemies are smart, they won’t attack head-on. Instead, they will choose areas of weakness where you haven’t defended yourself and […]