How to Create a Price Driven Business

You may create a price-driven business because you have found a market opportunity or you have the business model to support it. It is especially opportunistic if competitors are not price-driven and your market is maturing (in other words, customers are better educated about the products and they are either aware that there are choices […]

Creating and Maintaining Term Commitments

A contract is a legally binding document that should be drafted and/or reviewed by a properly qualified lawyer. While this topic discusses contracts, it does not constitute legal advice. Businesses wanting to implement contracts between buyers and sellers should get legal representation. What is it? A formally binding contract is a legal agreement that commits […]

Selling Luxury Goods

  (SEE ALSO: HOW TO SELL YOUR PRICE.) What can the average salesperson learn from Tiffany and other exclusive retailers? Plenty. Learn from the experts when it comes to charging a high price.   Lesson #1: The Brand Supports The Price. The brand supports the price and together they deliver credibility. The brand offers credibility, […]

Sales Strategy

How To Sell Your Price

Half the battle is not the price. Half the battle is being comfortable about selling the price. Many businesses think that they overprice their products and services, so many businesses underprice them instead. Many salespeople are not comfortable talking price. Some of them even signal that they believe their own prices are too high and, […]