27 Website Navigation Design Tips

The point of navigation is improved customer experience and usability. It’s to enable your website visitor to reach the information in your site as efficiently as possible. This means having navigation that’s intuitive, easy to find and use, and fast. To cater to individual preferences, often sites will include multiple ways of navigating, including site […]

Domain Name Blacklisting

Domain name blacklisting is a process whereby search engines refuse to rank domains – usually due to previous misbehaviour or attempted manipulation of Google or other search engines. This may occur because a previous owner of the domain has been mischievous. There is a very easy way to check whether your domain (or even one […]

Accepting Online Payment

To make money online, you must incorporate eCommerce functionality in your website so you can accept online payments. This includes a shopping cart, checkout and payment gateway. You will also need to be concerned with security.   SSL CERTIFICATES: Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), (pronounced as separate letters) are […]

Online Brand Strategy 101

When it comes to the Internet, traditional bricks-and-mortar brand strategy needs to be adjusted to reflect how the digital medium is used. People have different expectations when they head online and the most successful brands understand Internet user behaviour and shape their brands accordingly. The following piece is not intended to be a lesson in […]

Briefing Brand Agencies

In this post, I’m covering briefly what you should consider including as guidance in a brand agency brief, assuming you are going to get an agency to help you to prepare a brand, its name and its visual identity. It’s not an exhaustive list and many agencies have their own processes in place to get […]

Reputation Management 101

They Said What?! The term Reputation Management refers to deliberate activity that is undertaken by marketing and public relations people to combat negative impressions that are caused when someone posts damaging content online. It is also referred to as Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM) or Online Reputation Management (ORM). So they said mean things. Who […]

Google SEO 101

Google’s goal is simple: to return THE most relevant match to a search query. It delivers this is several ways – through websites, advertising, images, videos, products (in its shopping options), maps, news and so on. It stands to reason that if Google keeps its search results relevant, people will continue to use it, so […]