When To Drop Prices

Are you sure you’re overpricing? Are you a shop selling fashion, for example? Then you’ll be used to the industry norm where sales occur to move end-of-season inventory to make way for new stock. It’s often cheaper for a shop to discount stock than it is to warehouse it, if they even have the space. […]


Avoiding A Price War

A price war is quite a ride. You have to have substantial resources behind you and it takes some fortitude to hang in there. For many businesses, the most sensible approach is to do nothing. Eventually competitors that are not profitable because they are selling product below its cost will be forced out of the […]

Intro to Business Planning

For around 20 years, I’ve been working with various organisations developing strategies that span most aspects of general business and marketing. And I’m proud to say that I’ve had many more successes than failures. Why? I think it’s because I follow a set of principles that I apply to how I think and so far […]

Google SEO 101

Google’s goal is simple: to return THE most relevant match to a search query. It delivers this is several ways – through websites, advertising, images, videos, products (in its shopping options), maps, news and so on. It stands to reason that if Google keeps its search results relevant, people will continue to use it, so […]

7 SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Making design mistakes in the construction of websites is common, but if you can avoid these classic search engine optimization mistakes to start the process towards a much better search result. #1. HEAVY PICTURES AND GRAPHICS RATHER THAN TEXT: Search engines like information and text content, and lots of it. The more your copy content […]