27 Website Navigation Design Tips

The point of navigation is improved customer experience and usability. It’s to enable your website visitor to reach the information in your site as efficiently as possible. This means having navigation that’s intuitive, easy to find and use, and fast. To cater to individual preferences, often sites will include multiple ways of navigating, including site […]

Finding Market Gaps Through Segmenting

It’s a crowded marketplace. Now, isn’t that the understatement of the century? Are you stuck looking for a gap in the market? Something you can slip a product into? There is no question that these days you cannot copy a competitor and win, except on price. You’ll need a product that is different – or […]

The Keyword Hierarchy – SEO

You can achieve your goals of being found across multiple, completely different keywords and phrases but you need to build content around each keyword or phrase to avoid spamming search engines. Using a Product Catalogue example I will show you how it can be done. The diagram below is a mockup of a fictional sitemap […]

7 Free Stock Image Resources

Using good quality images on your website is the difference between you looking professional or not. But good quality imagery can be expensive – and why not? A photographer is an artisan who has often spent many years mastering the craft of taking a great photo. But when you’re just starting out or even if […]

eCommerce Legal Requirements

Many people turn to the Internet as a way to sell products and services. Apart from the usual commercial issues, there are legal issues that all retailers online should be aware of. In summary, they are as follows:   Consumer Law and Consumer Rights Any retailer selling online in Australia is subject to Australian consumer […]

Case Study: The McDonalds Secret Sauce

  What The World’s Best Known Franchise Can Teach You About Business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fan of the fast-food giant McDonalds or not really, the point is that there is no denying that the business has enjoyed the sort of phenomenal global success that many executives and investors dream of, but few […]

Screw It, Let’s Do It

It’s one of those little airport books, you know the sort, a fast and easy read for a two-hour flight. This was one of the attractions for me when I bought it – and of course that it’s Richard Branson, so I was curious to read what he had to say. His philosophies were interesting, […]

Life’s A Pitch

LIFE’S A PITCH: What the World’s Best Salespeople Can Teach Us All – by Philip Delves Broughton. Are you excited by the title? I was and what an easy, fun read it turned out to be. Philip Delves Broughton travels the world interviewing sales people in different industries ranging from selling multimillion dollar Boeing aircraft […]