27 Website Navigation Design Tips

The point of navigation is improved customer experience and usability. It’s to enable your website visitor to reach the information in your site as efficiently as possible. This means having navigation that’s intuitive, easy to find and use, and fast. To cater to individual preferences, often sites will include multiple ways of navigating, including site […]

The Art of the Deal, How Donald Trump Does Deals

Before there was Donald Trump, potential POTUS, there was Donald the businessman and author. His first book and part memoir, The Art of the Deal, published in 1987, climbed into a #1 best seller. Despite its age, The Art of the Deal remains a glorious insight into Donald Trump. Inside its pages are the essential […]

Life’s A Pitch

LIFE’S A PITCH: What the World’s Best Salespeople Can Teach Us All – by Philip Delves Broughton. Are you excited by the title? I was and what an easy, fun read it turned out to be. Philip Delves Broughton travels the world interviewing sales people in different industries ranging from selling multimillion dollar Boeing aircraft […]