Undercover StrategistHi, I’m Fiona. I live in Australia with my teenage daughter and our crazy shelter cat called Mo.

I built Undercover Strategist originally as an online training site in 2009.

Then I got busy with other things in life and I didn’t continue with it, and as time went on, it got more and more out of date.

So, in May 2016, I decided to take it down and start again, reread and rewrite if necessary from scratch, and make what I did back then freely available today.

Some of the content is pure tutorial, others are blog pieces that I have written because a certain subject resonates with me and I want to talk about it.

So about me?

I love strategy, product, marketing and emerging technologies. I love innovation, competition and winning. I like creative problem solving. Philosophically, I think common sense takes people a long way. (Manners do, too.) I think change is exciting if you’re happy to go with the flow to see where those changes take you.

I’m a product evangelist, with a marketing background and a MBA.  I’ve worked in the largest of Australian corporations and spent some years consulting privately to businesses of all sizes.

I genuinely want entrepreneurs to succeed (they are the bravest of people), which is why I’ve taken the trouble to build this website.

Thanks for dropping by, feel free to browse around and, if you like it, please share it around with your friends and colleagues.

P.S. My fantastic logo was done by the amazingly talented team, Paul and Anna, at Brands To Life. (Go there for your branding, you won’t be disappointed.)

P.P.S. If you want to connect, I’m on Facebook: