10 Marketing Activities On The Cheap

Small Business

Looking to build your brand on a shoestring budget? Here are ten ideas that mean your marketing efforts can still take you to dizzying new heights without busting the bank.

  1. Talk to your clients. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals or testimonials that you can use to attract more business. If your existing customers are happy with you, leverage it.
  2. Package yourself creatively. If you are planning on going to the effort of mailing something to your customers (or prospects), make it memorable. A flyer might excite you – but is probably one of hundreds your customers see. So think outside the box and give them something they will remember when you call to follow up.
  3. Make the media your friend. Get to know members of the media and different journalists before you need them. Prepare your information (there is plenty of free advice about how to write press releases and media kits on the Internet) and send it around. Create news sections on your website and add every article and press release you write.
  4. Talk to your network. One of the best ways to market your business is through leveraging existing relationships with your network. If you don’t have a strong network, you can build one either offline through local business clubs or online through the various online networks that are available to you. Online forums are a great vehicle for creating connections.
  5. Build an email database (that is opt-in) and make sure they are first to hear of your promotions or latest news. Email is a cheap, flexible, and easy to measure method to communicate to your customers and prospects.
  6. Provide rewards to say thanks for their business or loyalty. Everyone likes to think they receive something for nothing. Surprise thank you’s in the form of rewards will create a strong goodwill factor for your brand.
  7. Find complementary businesses and cooperate. Try sending your direct mail piece with those of other businesses, and sharing the material and delivery costs. Cooperate and collaborate.
  8. Kick start the word of mouth. To get people talking, do something that’s unique and involving. Ask their opinions, organize an event, and amass a group of people around your business that will be prepared to act as influencers.
  9. Write and giveaway free reports. You can do this online in exchange for email details, or offline as a gift to customers and prospects. Either way, it helps to establish your credibility so that people will think that you’re an expert at what you do.
  10. Offer your public speaking time. If the thought of public speaking terrifies you, rest assured it has the same effect on most people. Nevertheless, public speaking makes you a perceived expert. Chambers of Commerce events are great and so is talkback radio if the right program comes along.


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